QuickTips for Revision Podcast

Listen Thesis Statement Self-PlagiarismDon’t miss  Quick Tips for Revisionthe latest Effective Writing Podcast by Kurtis Clements.  The KUWC provides this and other podcasts as learning resources.  These entertaining podcasts are a great way to learn key writing concepts.  They are also useful tools for online learning.  Teachers can play these podcasts before class or provide links to their students as resources.  Students can listen to these on the go right from their phones or other audio players.  These podcasts are also available on iTunes and via RSS feed.  For a complete list of podcasts, click this link: Effective Writing Podcasts

Try these other Effective Writing Podcasts

The Writing Process

The 4 C’s of Effective Writing

Let us know how you use these podcasts for learning.

Melody Pickle


2 responses to “QuickTips for Revision Podcast

  1. Holli Vah Seliskar

    Love this post! Would it be okay if I modify it a bit and share with my students as a course announcement?

  2. You are welcome to share the blog post and the links with your students. MP

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