Evaluating Academic Resources – Effective Writing Podcast 22

20120809-171159.jpg (c) 2012 Jupiterimages

(c) 2012 Jupiterimages

The Kaplan University Writing Center announces –

 Episode 22 of the Effective Writing Podcast series is now available.

Once again, Kurtis Clements delivers a clear explanation of a key concept. In just over 8 minutes, this podcast assists students in understanding quality research resources.  Students and faculty alike will enjoy this humorous and well done podcast.

Listen here:

Effective Writing Podcast 22 Evaluating Sources

Use this podcast with your students as they learn to identify quality and credible sources with the help of JimBo’s used car lot!

You can find this and other Effective Writing Podcasts here: http://goo.gl/hREmh

Melody Pickle


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